Rent an RV Instead of Buying

Rent an RV Instead of Buying

Modern RVs are pretty much houses on wheels with almost every luxury you can imagine built right into them. But they are expensive to purchase and they are a lot of money to maintain throughout the year when you aren’t using them. If you only use them a couple of times per year then the idea of an RV can seem like an enormous waste of money. RVs are fantastic, but they are going to take up a great deal of your time and money. Here is a look at the real cost of owning an RV.  There is a solution, rent an RV instead of buying.

Renting an RV

Before you even consider buying an RV you should rent on first to see if RV life suits you, they are a good deal of work.  If you have a valid license then you can easily rent and RV for a week or two and see how it is going to work out for you.  You may need some time to get used to driving a very wider bodied vehicle, cornering in an RV is much different from a sports car.  Take the emotion out of the equation and be impassionate about the whole experience.  Is this going to be something that you enjoy or just something that you want to do once in a while.

Benefits of Renting Versus Buying

Renting is a good way to test out a vehicle along with your patience for being an RV owner.  Can you adjust to the routine maintenance every time you park and have to connect water, sewer and power to your vehicle?  The rented RV will give you the chance to decide if RVing is the life for you.  There are plenty of people who buy RVs and love the freedom that comes along with it and see the maintenance as a small price to pay for a life on the road.

On the other hand you may only have the time to go camping on the few long weekends that are available throughout the summer, in which case owning an RV is an expense that you don’t need.  You may just want to rent the luxury vehicle for the short time that you need it.  You and your family can have a luxurious camping trip without any hassles.

Whether you become an RVa owner in the future, renting an RV first is always a good idea.  It lets you get a feel for the vehicle before you commit to ownership.