When you think of generators, you usually think of outdoor events, circuses, or campsites. It is a way to generate electricity in areas that you normally do not have it. It is very convenient, and powerful . You can power up an entire group of trailers with just one unit. Pretty cool. But what if I were to tell you that everybody should have a generator.


They are not just for Outdoor people, or special events. They can come in handy for anyone who owns their own home. How many times if you have to go without power because of the storm, or transformer issue? If you go days without power, you may have to end up checking into a motel just for the common necessities of life. That could be really inconvenient and expensive as well.

If you had your own back up generator, even if you’re in the worst storms you get power and stay heated through the worst of it. This situation could really be dangerous in subfreezing temperatures where the temperature of your home will drop very quickly in a power outage. This can be considerably dangerous for the elderly or the sick. Generators these days can be set to go off automatically when the power ceases to flow. Otherwise, they stay dormant and well out-of-the-way.

home generator use

So why not do double duty. You need a generator for your RV anyway, so why not pick up a larger model that will work for your home as well. They are very versatile these days, and can suit a number of purposes. You could unload the unit from your mobile home when you are through with your vacation, and re-attach it to your house. They are very simple to set up, and you will never go without power again. Just a tip from a fellow traveler.